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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

Dear all,

Colin Watson wrote:

There've already been several responses to your first post. Please see
the archives if you aren't subscribed.

Oops, sorry.
Didnt' notice that I've unsubscribe.

Reading the archives...... done.
(re)-Subscribing .... processing.
Subscribing to lkml .... done.

This newbie now quite sure he need some new modutils package. Btw, This newbie had download, make-kpkg, dpkg -i the kernel 2.4.20 and it work just fine. Except for pcmcia modules, which is there but always failed to insmod. This newbie will re-search.

But can somebody tells a little fairytale about the new 2.5 kernels? Structures, layouts, newbie-readable-changelog?

It would be Very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

ps to okidz: Nice to see you too. Also a Deb-user?

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