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[SOLVED] Re: Bootable CD w/X-CD-Roast: mkisofs error

Donald R. Spoon wrote:
I went through this a couple of weeks ago, and finally the light-bulb came on. ALL of the extra work needed to make a CD "bootable" is done during the creation of the ISO image. Once you have that, then the burining process is exactly the same for either "bootable" or "non-bootable". So.... if you have a "bootable" ISO image already, all you need to do is burn it! I wasted a lot of time and blank CDRs on that before I got hit with the clue-bat.

-Don Spoon-

Thanks, Don, Carlos & Alvin.

I stopped trying so hard & it dawned on me the next day. I was almost
there when I tried to mount the .iso for the boot.img, but I was still
pointing to the .iso for the filesystem. Instead I pointed xcdroast at
/cdrom (where the .iso was mounted) & told it to translate the "/cdrom/"
part of the path to "/". I specified the boot.img relative to that
directory ("KNOPPIX/boot.img") & left the default for boot.catalog.. and
it worked

After Don's message, I'm not 100% sure I needed to go through the trouble, but I've already wasted too many CD-Rs to feel like experimenting

-- kenneth

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