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[no subject] /dev/scd* problems /usr/include/{linux, asm} 0.91 Installation... 0.91 installtion - keymaps Re: 0.92 debian Re: Activation of swap partitions Administrivia, and "about procmail" Another Emacs bug bizarro top? bug fix for info Bug in mkconfig for Taylor UUCP Can't install Configuring serial ports... Debian .91 Debian 0.90 Emacs/aucTeX problem under X debian 0.91 Gateway2000 4DX2-66V, and rc.serial debian 0.91 man page problems for normal users debian 0.91 net-2 problem debian install error debian install lilo? debian installation The Debian Linux Association Debian lists will be down for a few hours Re: Debian TeX RE: DEBIAN-0.90: A FEW debian-0.90: a few comments Debian-0.91: first impressions Re: dinstall doesn't use existing swap partition Re: disk division guide Re: disk division guidelines v1.1 edquota missing ? emacs, AUC-TeX ext2-fs panic A few _important_ notes A few minor points A few questions for everyone FSSTND (was "Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark") GNU finger bizarro under Linux... Re: Haven't we all been quiet hostname/domainname in 0.91 Re: installation types (tape ?) installation types (was: "Re: Debian (fwd)") Intallation quirks in Debian 0.91 iso9660 unsupported !!?? Ispell Ispell (answer and plea) Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark Latex/Tex etc LILO boot problems (was: Haven't we all been quiet) The Linux Counter list mail, FlexFax Loose cannons & UNIX:cannot allocate buffers lpd Re: mail Re: makewhatis problem Minor dinstall problems (2nd try) Minor Problem with BETA-0.91 missing /dev/devices -- specifically /dev/rst0 more debian 0.91 bugs Moving from slackw. to debian, also iso-latin problems Re: New Debian install locks up at "configuring serial ports..." Re: New Debian install locks up at "configuring serial ports..." (fwd) New vote.. NFS problem... Note about the Linux counter npasswd changes for debian Re: On links and things RE: ON LINKS AND THINGS On links and things (LONG) On things On Things... passwd restrictions/options re: previously posted dinstall patch Questions about debian 0.92 Really minor problem... Reply and some other questions for the list. Seyon 2.12 Slight Multiplicity slip under debian some more little bugs in 0.91 Some Problems Some questions? strange e2fsck behaviour in debian 0.91 Strange machine activity Re: SU make root??? Suggestions Re: symlinks in /dev TeX TeX for Debain, can you help!! TeX for linux Re: twm uugetty craziness... uugetty question. VFS : unable to mount root ?? Volunteering time Who's Doing What wtmp management (Re: Slight Multiplicity) Re: your mail The last update was on 06:06 GMT Wed May 29. There are 293 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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