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Re: Another Emacs bug

Matt Birkholz writes:
>    Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 12:00 PST
>    From: Ian McCloghrie <imcclogh@cs.ucsd.edu>
>    [...]
>    > Digression:  should chown be in /sbin or /bin, since it is only usable
>    > by the superuser?
>    Any more discussion on this should go to fsstnd, not to debian.
> Whoa.  Let's not focus on the digression, shall we?  Did we get an ACK from
> the Emacs package maintainer on putting `(setq dired-chown-program "chown")'
> in /usr/lib/emacs/19.22/site-lisp/site-start.el?

Damn! that's all I needed to get it to work?  Of course, I checked and
it does work.  Really sorry for raising such a nonissue.

Ashamedly yours,

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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