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wtmp management (Re: Slight Multiplicity)

In article <[🔎] 199402071658.IAA02356@mail.netcom.com> you wrote:
: "It" here refers to /var/adm/wtmp. What I mean is checking the size of wtmp
: and clearing it out should happen through crontab not rc.M. It would work
: fine in rc.M if you wanted to reboot your machine every day -- I don't --,
: but if your system is up for two years without a crash :) you would have to
: do the pruning yourself. My vote goes to wtmp management in crontab only.

Just a side note: 
I think that before deleting wtmp at least the output of last should
be mailed to the operator. Especially on an internet connected machine I
consider it harmful to loose the contents of wtmp if you wanna 
track down problems that might be caused by a naughty user.


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