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TeX for Debain, can you help!!

 I downloaded web2c-6.1 last night, however I have run into a major problem 
compiling it. Here's the bit that make is echoing to the screen when it gives 

make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/tex/web2c-6.1/web2c/lib'
cd web2c; make   SHELL='/bin/sh' CC='gcc' CFLAGS='-O2 ' RANLIB='ranlib' LN='ln 
-s' DEFS='' CCLD='gcc' LDFLAGS='-O2  ' LIBS='' x_extra_libs='' 
x_include_flags='-I/usr/X386/include' x_lib_flags='-L/usr/X386/lib'   
YACC='bison -y' LEX='flex' LEXLIB='-lfl' all
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/tex/web2c-6.1/web2c/web2c'
Expect one shift/reduce conflict.
bison -y -d -v web2c.yacc
conflicts:  1 shift/reduce
gcc -I./../lib -I../.. -O2  -c web2c.c
In file included from web2c.c:17:
web2c.h:59: macro `alloca' used without args
make[1]: *** [web2c.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/tex/web2c-6.1/web2c/web2c'
make: *** [do-web2c] Error 1

And the header file it chews on. (it is complaining about the last line).

/* web2c.h: general includes for the `web2c' program itself.  */

#include "config.h"

#define ex_32 2
#define ex_real 3
#define max(a,b) ((a>b)?a:b)

extern int indent;
extern int line_pos;
extern int last_brace;
extern int block_level;
extern int ii;
extern int last_tok;

extern char safe_string[80];
extern char var_list[200];
extern char field_list[200];
extern char last_id[80];
extern char z_id[80];
extern char next_temp[];

extern long last_i_num;
extern int ii, l_s;
extern long lower_bound, upper_bound;
extern FILE *std;
extern int pf_count;

/* A symbol table entry.  */
struct sym_entry {
  char *id;	/* points to the identifier */
  int typ;	/* token type */
  int next;	/* next symbol entry */
  long val;	/* constant : value
		   subrange type : lower bound */
  long upper; 	/* subrange type : upper bound
		   variable, function, type or field : type length */
  int val_sym, upper_sym;	/* Sym table entries of symbols for lower
				   and upper bounds
  boolean var_formal;	/* Is this a formal parameter by reference? */
  boolean var_not_needed;
  		      /* True if VAR token should be ignored for this type */

extern char strings[];
extern int hash_list[];
extern short global;
extern struct sym_entry sym_table[];
extern int next_sym_free, next_string_free;
extern int mark_sym_free, mark_string_free;

/* configure figures out how to declare the yytext variable.  */

extern void find_next_temp(), normal(), new_line(), indent_line(), my_output();
extern void semicolon(), remove_locals(), mark(), initialize();
extern int add_to_table(), search_table(), yyerror(), yylex(), yyparse();
extern void *alloca();

 Myself I cannot see anything wrong with it, but until I can get this to compile
there will be no TeX. (dvipsk and xdvik compile alright). Will upgrading to a 
more recent version of Debian fix the problem (I'am  still using a pre 0.80 
version, as I spend most of my time working on TeX rather than testing out the
latest release).
 There was no problem with version 5.815d, but I foolishly deleted this from my 

 I am also looking for someone to maintain a list of information about printers, 
which will be used in the future to setup the printer drivers supplied with 
Debian from an automatic script. If you have the time mail me at one of the address below.


Jonathan A. Buzzard,              
Physics Department,           Email:-
Heriot-Watt University,            phyjab1@caledonia.hw.ac.uk   InterNet
Edinburgh. EH14 4AS                phyjab1@uk.ac.hw.clust       JANET
United Kingdom.

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