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Configuring serial ports...

  Can't get Debian .91 to come up on one of my machines. ... When
  booting, the last line to appear is "Configuring Serial Ports".
  After that, it just hangs forever. I have a Microsoft serial mouse
  on "COM1" and a modem on "COM2".

I had this problem, too, and thought I solved it when I removed
/dev/cua2 and /dev/cua3.  However, it turns out that had nothing to do
with the solution in my case.  If I installed debian, dropped back
into the shell and removed /root/dev/cua[23], I still got hung when I

For me the solution was to turn off the power, wait several seconds,
then turn back on the power.

Interestingly enough, I also have a Microsoft serial mouse "COM1".  I
have no idea if this is at all related -- I've not had enough time to
reinstall with that changed to see if it affects my problem.

Raul D. Miller

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