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Re: On links and things

(It looks as if my reply to you went to the list.  Whoops.)

> Are you going to release a 0.91 -> 0.92 patch or the like?

Yes.  Probably within the next few days.  I should have most of
tomorrow night to work on it.  BTW, the upgrades are going to require
the `patch' package, so get it if you haven't already.

Public opinion time.  I've decided to go back to patchlevel 14.  I've
heard complaints that networking isn't quite stable; I know that people
were very happy with the networking in 0.81 (which contained patchlevel
14), and I personally have had frequent EXT2 filesystem panics simply
moving large files around.  Perhaps including an ALPHA kernel wasn't
the wisest decision.  Thoughts?

I've also made quite a few changes to dpkg.  Thanks for all the
patches.  Now supported are: NFS installations (actually possible since
0.90 with a bit of trickery, but now verified and fully supported),
"sweeping" of subdirectories under the installation directory, and
several bug fixes (including the bug that didn't allow the user to
install from the current directory; I had left out a simple "." in two
places).  I'm also in the process of adding support for installation
from mounted filesystems.  I'm not quite sure why `--process' doesn't
currently, because I supported it with `--add'.  Also in the process of
being added are a `select all packages' option, `--process' from within
the interactive mode, and probably a few others features.

A few changes to dinstall/dsetup, Emacs DOC fix, removal of TERM
setting in shell startup scripts, a few other inconsistencies...

Regarding the DLA, I'll post more information on that tomorrow (we'll
have a mailing address by then, hopefully).  It will be a reality very


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