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Re: TeX

>>>>> neal@ctd.comsat.com (Neal Becker) wrote:
>The first think I'd point out is the default for
>installing binaries is /usr/local/bin.  No, thank you.  There's
>already enough in /usr/local/bin!
Where else will you put them. They aren't THAT much, and
the FSSTND already said: No additions to the standard PATH

I'd put them in /usr/bin

>You will need to edit Makefile.in in both Web2C and kpathsea to change
>CFLAGS.  I can't find any other way to use -O2 instead of -g.
Grr I hate these -g in every distribution.

>I needed to set TEXINPUTS before dumping plain tex.  I don't
>understand why.
Doesn't sound good.

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