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/usr/include/{linux, asm}

>From /usr/src/linux/README:

>  - make sure your /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm directories
>    are just symlinks to the kernel sources:
> 		cd /usr/include
> 		rm -rf linux
> 		rm -rf asm
> 		ln -s /usr/src/linux/include/linux .
> 		ln -s /usr/src/linux/include/asm .

Today, I said that I'd build a 0.99pl15e kernel for a co-worker.
I'm currently running debian 0.91 with its 0.99pl14w kernel.  No sweat, I
think, I'll just rename /usr/src/linux, grab the 0.99pl15e sources,
put them in /usr/src/linux, and build his kernel. 

Early on, the build failed because debian 0.91 has /usr/include/{linux, asm}
as read directories with real files (which don't, incidentally match
the files I have in my debian 0.91 /usr/src/linux/include/{linux, asm}
directories), and not symlinks as this README asks.

I suggest that, unless there is compelling reason for doing otherwise,
/usr/include/{linux, asm} be made symlinks as expected, and these include 
files installed in /usr/src/linux/include/{linux, asm} where they are 
expected.  If there is compelling reason for departing from expected 
procedure, I suggest that both the reasons for and the mechanics of the 
departure be copiously and conspicuously documented.


Since I'm close to the subject, I'll ask a question.  The 0.99pl15
kernel I'm building is from the sources archived in the pl15 tar
file on tsx-11.  My co-worker says he needs a pl15e or later kernel,
but I see no pl15aa,b,c,d,e,... patch files.  Can someone point me
towards the patch files needed to update the pl15 kernel sources?

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