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Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

>I don't know where the FSSTND would want the pk files to go, but there
>must someplace better than /usr/local.  Please (please please please...
>(pitiful begging)) don't put any "system" files in /usr/local.
>It's hard enough keeping track of locally installed stuff without
>Debian complicating the matter.

 Then they can not be shared over a network, they are not local files to a 
machine. I will repeat this again (just in case you where not listening last 
time). Debian TeX installation will not put one single solitary file in 

 However during the setup, and afterwards, some files (currently only pk) which 
are of a local nature, will be generated and placed in /usr/local. Currently you 
have to make the directories by hand, (following a step by step guide) as the 
names depend on what mode your printer uses. Later files will be automaticaly 
placed there, but they are easy to keep track off, and they are not system 
files, they are local files that depend on your site/machine, and as such will 
go in a local directory. 

>Personally I like variable files like pk files to go in /var

 Well there not variable are they, you generate them and that is it. So 
obviously they don't really belong in /var. I have not the time to go and change 
everything now, and I am not willing to delay the release any futher. If nobody 
likes the directory structure, then you can fight it out among yourselves and
produce your own distribution (and it takes more than just compiling the stuff 
up; so be warned).


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