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Some questions?

   Date: Wed, 9 Feb 94 12:16 PST
   From: erwin@nioz.nl (Erwin Embsen)

     - Does Debian provide for NFS installation just like Slackware does?

The next release does.  You are best advised to wait for it.

     - If so, then what's the procedure? Is it as simple as starting an
       installation script or something?

Yes, and simply specifying filesystem type `nfs' along with the
standard mount information for NFS.
     - Is Debian compatible with Slackware regarding the software that's

I don't know.

     - Does the latest Debian release include the new pl15 kernel?

The next release will.  Once again, you should probably wait for it.

Ian Murdock <imurdock@shell.portal.com>

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