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Moving from slackw. to debian, also iso-latin problems


	I have just installed debian 0.91 having prev. used slackware
0.99.15 for about a month.  I have a good feeling about debian but of
course I'm having some problems.

#Comments on the installations (things that need better doc.)

	Transfered the distibution to my ext2 part. running slackware.
	Used dd /dev/fd0 <filename> bs=16k to write base floppies.
	Copied the rootfilesystem(/) of slackware to /allfiles.oldroot.
	Booted from floppie bootdisk.
	Mounted hard disk ext2 part.
	Removed all rootfilesystem structure except /allfiles.oldroot.
	Excecuted dinstall. (!! options reg. hd part. and fs not used)
	Booted from bootfloppie and edited /etc/lilo.conf.
	Excecuted /etc/lilo/install to reconfigure lilo.
	Changed dpkg script not to (re)mount ext2 fs.
	Used dpkg to install packages from /allfiles.oldroot/......
	(I had to recompile my kernel, two devices assigned same IRQ.) 
	Booted up from hd and here I am.

#We should write a HOWTO for this process.
#dinstall and dpkg should be changed to support this process.

#Problems with Icelandic
	I cant get all icelandic chars. on the console.
	Some programs don't work with 8bit chars (emacs,elm,talk..)
	Programs that support iso-latin like (Lynx,Gopher) don't.
	I have a keymap (ice-latin.map) that seems to work.

#If someone has a solution or a lead for me please help!

Thanks for Debian and future help,
Robert Bjarnason

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