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emacs, AUC-TeX

I installed debian-0.91 this weekend, and couldn't get AUC-TeX to
work with the debian emacs (emcsxyes) package. This seems to be a
problem with the debian package since AUC-TeX does work with emacs
19.22 from sunsite. 

The version I tried is auctex-8.0m. After loading tex-site.elc I
couldn't change the major mode. This only occurred in X windows - if I
started emacs as
	> emacs -nw
then AUC-TeX ran fine. 

  Kevin MacNeill              | email:                          
  Dept. Elec. Eng.            |  macneill@ee.queensu.ca
  Queen's University          |
  Kingston, Ontario, CANADA   |

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