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Who's Doing What

This is the current list of packages being worked on (and who's working
on them).  If you are working on something not listed here, please let me
know as soon as you can.  If you find something missing on this list, and
want to contribute, let me know too.

For those wondering about terminal bloat, not all of these packages are
going to be in the distribution proper.  They will, however, be available
as add-on packages.

Oh, and Ian says that a dpkg-tools package will be available very soon.

** HAVE's **
Name			Email Address			Package(s)
----------------	--------------------------	--------------

Brandon Allbery		bsa@kf8nh.wariat.org		MH
Clark McGrew		mcgrew@skid.ps.uci.edu		FlexFax
Mathew Porter		porterm@			ncurses,
			camelot.eng.ohio-state.edu	ftape
Eric Talvola		talvola@fennel.berkeley.edu	X11 games
Jonathan Rozes		jrozes@cs.tufts.edu		kerberos,
Mike Sangrey		mike@sojurn.lns.pa.us		TeX
Dan Quinlan		quinlan@			Emacs, sman,
			spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu	rescue disk
Ian Kluft		ikluft@thunder.sbay.org		smail
Ian Jackson		iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk		INN, trn
Matt Welsh		mdw@sunsite.unc.edu		docs
Michael Deisher		deisher@enws125.eas.asu.edu	dosemu
James Robinson		jimr@simons-rock.edu		OpenWindows,
							math stuff,
							graphics stuff

** HAVE NOT's (or NOT SURE ABOUT's) **

UUCP maintainer

Mike D.
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