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0.91 installtion - keymaps

Hi all,

Just a small point, which will become increasingly important in the future when
Debian expands :

You are asked the question about which keyboard you have after the base
installation, after the timezone question. This may cause problems for someone
who wishes to type GMT+1, if they have a non-US keyboard and they don't know
where the + key is on a US keyboard - their keyboard is not recognized
correctly until a reboot. Perhaps, as someone has mentioned earlier there
should be a question about this on the main menu, in fact it should be one of
the first if not the first question asked, and the relevant map loaded in
straightaway. Are the maps going to take up too much space on the base disks ?
(I forgot to check last night how much they take plus keymap install program,
whats it called again ?)

Another thing with this - if you boot in single-user mode their is no keymap
setup. I think it would be useful to have it there.



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