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Re: Another Emacs bug

On Feb 28, 1994 Sunando Sen wrote:
> lot quicker than recompiling emacs.  I think the best solution would
> be to make the appropriate change in dired.el and loaddefs.el and send
> it to the emacs maintainer.

Dan?  You're doing emacs for Debian, right?

> Digression:  should chown be in /sbin or /bin, since it is only usable
> by the superuser?

We debated this on fsstnd.  The conensus came down to that it should
be in /bin because A) regular users can use it to change the group of
a file, B) lots of install scripts expect it to be there, and C) it's
nice to see it sitting next to chgrp, especially since it's possible
the two will only be one binary.

Any more discussion on this should go to fsstnd, not to debian.

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