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Re: Configuring serial ports...

>   buss@hqrim.sedd.trw.com:
>   Can't get Debian .91 to come up on one of my machines. ... When
>   booting, the last line to appear is "Configuring Serial Ports".
>   After that, it just hangs forever. I have a Microsoft serial mouse
>   on "COM1" and a modem on "COM2".
> I had this problem, too, and thought I solved it when I removed
> /dev/cua2 and /dev/cua3.  However, it turns out that had nothing to do
> with the solution in my case.  If I installed debian, dropped back
> into the shell and removed /root/dev/cua[23], I still got hung when I
> rebooted.
> For me the solution was to turn off the power, wait several seconds,
> then turn back on the power.
> Interestingly enough, I also have a Microsoft serial mouse "COM1".  I
> have no idea if this is at all related -- I've not had enough time to
> reinstall with that changed to see if it affects my problem.
> Raul D. Miller
> <rockwell@nova.umd.edu>

Hello, I had the same problem. I also have Microsoft serial mouse at 
"COM2" and modem at "COM1". Can anybody give us a hint about what's 
wrong and how to fix it? Any help will be appreciated.

I-Jeng Wang


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