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Re: TeX for Debain, can you help!!

Jonathan A. Buzzard writes:

>  I downloaded web2c-6.1 last night, however I have run into a major problem 
> compiling it. Here's the bit that make is echoing to the screen when it gives 
> up.
[ GCC output deleted ]
> And the header file it chews on. (it is complaining about the last line).

[ .... ] 

> extern void *alloca();
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Just put something like `#ifndef linux' /`#endif' around it.  But
web2c uses configure, which should have caught it.  What version of
GCC and libc are you using?

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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