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Re: Slight Multiplicity

> I disagree about not needing crontab maintenance in boot code.  Better
> to include documentation on the dualality.
I'm not sure what this means, here's what I said:

> It gets clobbered in /etc/rc.d/rc.M too. I think the crontab
> entry alone will suffice.

"It" here refers to /var/adm/wtmp. What I mean is checking the size of wtmp
and clearing it out should happen through crontab not rc.M. It would work
fine in rc.M if you wanted to reboot your machine every day -- I don't --,
but if your system is up for two years without a crash :) you would have to
do the pruning yourself. My vote goes to wtmp management in crontab only.

I don't thing duality in things like this is a Good Thing.
        -joe        "Honey, they're in *everybody's* eggs" --firesigns

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