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hostname/domainname in 0.91


Tried a quick install of the 0.91 base just now. So far, so good --
it seems to work well. A couple of comments:

    -   I've always found it useful to be able to log in while the
        install progresses, to check on how much disk space is
        available, etc. Surely the inittab could run another getty or

    -   The hostname command used sets the hostname and domain at the
        same time; but it seems to set the hostname to the fully
        qualified host+domain eg if my hostname is really ithil, it
        will show up as ithil.uct.ac.za. This is wrong, in my opinion.
        Slackware, for example, does the right thing, using seperate
        hostname / domainname commands. That way, the hostname ends up
        as just plain ithil -- the right way (IMHO).

That's all for now...


| Kezia Crawford-Cousins                   kezia@energetic.uct.ac.za
+ "Less is more" - Robert Browning

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