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Re: slip under debian

> Date sent:      Tue, 22 Feb 94 16:58 PST
> Send reply to:  jrichard@cs.uml.edu
> From:           John Richardson <jrichard@cs.uml.edu>
> To:             debian-user@pixar.com
> Subject:        slip under debian

> Hi,
> Has anyone tried slip with the debian distribution?  I'm thinking of
> installing debian as soon as .92 comes out if I can use slip, uucp,
> mail, ftp, etc...  Even better would be an ethernet - oriented
> package so I could use debian at school too. :)

Debian comes with the normal linux ethernet tcp-ip networking. The 
install script asks for the relevant numbers and sets up a working 
system right out of the box. The only thing which i had to add was
a router file telling smail that it should use smtp transport when 
talking to uucp connected systems. 


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