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ext2-fs panic

Under 0.91 BETA, I tried to recompile the kernel.  It chugged along
without incident until the command

	ld -r -o mm.o memory.o swap.o mmap.o kmalloc.o vmalloc.o.

At that point, the kernel panicked with the message:

	EXT2-fs panic (device 3/2): get_group_desc: \
	  block_group >= groups_count.

Device 3/2 is my root filesystem (everything but /home and
/usr/local).  I thought that something might be wrong with the
filesystem, so I re-created it, this time checking for bad blocks, and
re-installed the base package.

After rebooting, I ran dpkg to install the remainder of the packages.
It installed everything up to 'xtralib', at which point the kernel
panicked with the same message.

The mke2fs man pages didn't say anything about this; nor did the
Linux-FAQ.  The filesystem isn't full; it still has about 10MB left.
Is there some way to fix this problem?


Ted Hajek

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