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Re: installation types (tape ?)

Ger Timmens <ger@cv.ruu.nl> writes:
| I (painlessly) installed the basesystem (rootdisk+basedsk1+basedisk2).
| I thought I could install from tape afterwards, however /dev/rmt0
| isn't known. Do I have to install from floppy? I sure don't hope so.

Another alternative is to use kermit.  That's what I did.  I installed
the base system and kermit.deb with floppy.  I then strung a serial
cable from the linux box to my workstation and enabled a getty on
/dev/ttyS0.  I used kermit to copy all the rest of the packages over
to the linux box.

It's slow, but it requires very little intervention.  The only problem
I ran into was the bug in dpkg where it won't install packages from a
directory.  I copied all the packages to /tmp and installed them
manually using something like the following:

	cd /
	for i in `ls /tmp`; do
		zcat < /tmp/$i | cpio -idvm
		dpkg -f `basename $i ".deb"`

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