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Ispell (answer and plea)

James A. Robinson asks:
 > I notice that ispell does not work under Emacs in v.91 BETA of Debian,
 > is this because of an incorrect ispell.el (GNU ispell.el, while the
 > binary is the International ispell)?

The ispell package as originally contributed by me (for .81) contained
the `international' /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp/ispell.el such that Emacs
*should* grab it before its internal (GNU, i.e., wrong) ispell.el.  If
something has gone wrong with this as you seem to suggest then you may
very well be right.

Unfortunately I have no PC no more :-( and can't check it.

Therefore this question (plea, really :-):

Will anyone take over the Ispell source package now that Ispell 3.1 is
out?  Ian has my complete sources for 3.0.09; I will be glad to answer
any questions about it.

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