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Re: On links and things

Charlie Brady <charlieb@tplrd.tpl.oz.au> writes:

>> IMO, part of the reason that Ian is doing such a high proportion of
>> the work is that he is not very accessible to the network.

Mike D. <mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu> writes:

> The main problem is that he has a 2400 baud modem.  If he were to
> get his hands on a 14.4 or the $$ to purchase one, he would be in
> good shape.  In other words, no need to shift the weight just
> yet....

Mike is absolutely and totally correct.

Ian has already helped give me a better OS for my home machine than
I've ever had before -- it is also free of cost.  Just like the FSF,
the proposed Debian organization will be, in essence, a charity.
Debian will be completely available through FTP.  People will not be
required to purchase CD-ROMs from Debian rather than some company that
manages to provide them cheaper.

Therefore, I am willing to make the first donation for equipment
expenses to <whatever the Debian organization is named these days>.  I
suggest that my humble donation of $50(US) (which will be in the mail
tomorrow) be used towards the purchase of a 14.4k modem to speed the
pace of Debian development.  It is money well spent.  I know it will
come back to me in one form or another.

I expect my next donation to be reciprocated with a CD-ROM containing
Debian and perhaps a fine manual.


Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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