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Re: makewhatis problem

Quoth Clark McGrew:
> |> First thing I did after installing debian was to run makewhatis on
> |> /usr/man and /usr/X386/man, *simultaneously* and in the background.
> |> Both jobs finished without incident. [...]  I don't think I ever
> |> actually started swapping.  This is debian 0.90, by the way.  Perhaps
> |> something changed in 0.91?
> |
> |Well, my DEBIAN .91 makewhatis does not work either, and I get a very
> |specific error:
> |
> |sed: Couldn't re-allocate memory
> |
> |I only have 8 megs RAM and a 16 meg swap.
> |
> |Jim
> I installed DEBIAN 0.91 and ran makewhatis.  It finished without
> incident.  Everything looks fine.  My machine only has 4 megs RAM and
> 16 megs swap.  There is some definate wierdness going on.
> Clark

Just to add to the mystery:  I ran makewhatis on my machine with 4MB
RAM and 8MB swap space while logged in and doing other things; I got
the 'Couldn't re-allocate memory' message as well.

I rebooted, started the job using 'nohup' and logged out.  When I
checked the machine a few hours later, everything had gone well.

Ted Hajek

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