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debian install lilo?

   Date: Sat, 26 Feb 94 10:24 PST
   From: mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

   Could someone help me out with a /etc/lilo.conf file and lilo
   command line to reconfigure the floppy?  It's a copy of the 0.91
   distribution bootdisk with /vmlinuz replaced with a newly-built
   p.15h kernel, and it's in /dev/fd0.

Ok, here's how I do it.  Put the new kernel on the disk (we shall
assume here that it is mounted on /mnt).  There should already be
files in /mnt/etc/lilo that were used to LILO the original bootdisk,
and they should need no modification (if they're not there, let me
know and I'll mail them to you).  Make sure that the symbolic link
/mnt/etc/lilo/lilo is pointing to a binary of LILO 0.12 (for space
reasons, the binary was on another partition of mine) and that
/mnt/etc/lilo/install is a shell script containing the following:
`./lilo -r /mnt -C /etc/lilo/config'.  At this point all you need to
do is type `./install' from within /mnt/etc/lilo and the job will be
done.  `-r' does a chroot() to /mnt, and -C specifies the
configuration file to use.

Many of you may be wondering why the bootdisk still uses LILO 0.12.
Well, at least as of last fall, LILO >= 0.13 didn't allow you to
override the settings in /etc/lilo.conf.  This made it difficult to
provide separate `ramdisk' and `fd' options on the bootdisk.  If this
has changed in recent releases of LILO or the kernel, please do tell.

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