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> Has anyone else had trouble with "makewhatis"? It seems to run 'sed' in a loop,
> which just fills up all the virtual memory and crashes the machine.
> I have 32MB of swap space, so I don't think this is the problem.

I have 20 meg and on Sunday morning I got a mail message from the cron system
stating the sed had run out of memory (this line was repeated about 100 times
or more) The machine on monday morning had used up most all of my memory and
more of the 16meg swap space (that really never get used that much) there were
no processes running that were using tons of memory! This could have been it!
Anyone else get this problem?
for your info my cron file has the line...
 	10 02 * * 1 makewhatis /usr/man /usr/local/man /usr/X386/man
thanks ml
Michael Paul Lucking <=> mlucking@cs.uah.edu 

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