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Re: Debian .91

On Wed, 16 Feb 1994, Every System Needs a Freak wrote:

> A couple things I've noted about Debian .91
> 1) backspace character doesn't work on virtual console terminals when you
>    enter your login name, but works if you fail the password and type something
>    at the login: prompt again. perhaps something to do with a transition between
>    raw and cooked mode?

First the getty process asks you for the login and password. When this fails
the started login process handles your request. But I don't know why the getty
can't do the same tty stuff the login do.

> 2) when users break connection with the system, the processes they run don't
>    automatically get nuked. this leaves it up to me to decide what to kill off.
>    I have the default shell set to TCSH if that means anything.

What do you mean with 'break connection'? A normal logout, or what?

> 3) The ghostscript (x and no-x) both report:
>    "can't find library libvga.so.1"
>    now I -believe- I've installed all the Debian .91 packages...
> 4) are the permissions set correctly for the /sbin programs? As it is, users
>    can run fdisk and so on...

Normally this is not a problem, because the users have no permissions to the
devices (/dev/sd* or /dev/hd*)

> thanks,
> mbt@dartmouth.edu


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