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Re: symlinks in /dev

On Feb 1,  6:22am, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Generally, it would be nice to keep Debian's implementation of Linux
> (rhymes with UNIX) reasonably close to other UNIX implementations.  To
> put symlinks or any links in /dev is non-standard UNIX behavior.
> Doing things to protect a novice user (who is really just a novice
> administrator) from learning UNIX is a bad idea.  Better to have the
> person learn what /dev/cua0 means and go from there.  If DOS users can
> handle COM[1-4], then Linux users can handle /dev/cua[0-3].  Please
> don't insult their intelligence.  And if they can't handle that much
> knowledge, you don't want to leave links around in /dev anyway.

If this is "UNIX" then okay. A point: there are many PC users who use DOS and
Windows who know nothing about their PC - COM ports included. Now, the chances
are that they will not be running, at least not installing, Debian or their
machines; I am not insulting their intelligence - my girlfriend is one of them
:-). They just are not very computereesed.


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