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Re: Configuring serial ports...

> > into the shell and removed /root/dev/cua[23], I still got hung when I
> > rebooted.
> Hello, I had the same problem. I also have Microsoft serial mouse at 
> "COM2" and modem at "COM1". Can anybody give us a hint about what's 
> wrong and how to fix it? Any help will be appreciated.

Well, what I did in order to be able to simply BOOT Debian Linux and
get a prompt was to boot off the floppy, mount my hard drive with

mount -t ext2 /dev/hda1 /mnt

and go in and edit /etc/rc.d/rc.M.  Remove the call to
/etc/rc,d/rc.serial.  Or else you could simply rename rc.serial to
something else.  As to how to get setserial to work, I don't know.  I
have never bothered using it before (is it for 16550 or multi-port


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