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Re: Questions about debian 0.92

On Tue, 22 Feb 1994, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Ian Murdock wrote:
> > Too much in 2.5, in my opinion, is done from shell scripts.
> Shell scripts are nice when you want "halt" to program your X-10
> controller to turn off the system power a minute after shutdown,
> and turn it on a few hours later to pick up mail and news. You might
> want to give people that option.

I agree. I rewrote most of 2.4 locally to work like the svr4 scripts. It
would be trivial to offer both (the only replacement for the old style
would be the rc scripts and shutdown), so why not do it?

> > As far as shadow password support... not bloody likely. :)
> Isn't someone working on a replacement for The Hog's implementation?
> It doesn't look as if it would be rocket science to implement that
> stuff better than he did.

I believe it is going to be integrated into the C library once it breaks
version 4.5.x (it's at 4.5.21 right now). When that will be I do not know
for sure. Once it's done though, it will be a cinch to integrate it into
the relevant services.


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