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Re: TeX

According to Nils Rennebarth:
> Ian Murdock asked if somebody is working on TeX for the distribution
> next week.
> Well, I just ftp'ed Karl Berry's web2c 6.0, including the latest
> TeX 3.1415 (ok, from August 1993) and his versions of dvips
> and xdvi, together with a path-searching library.
> I like the uniformity the library gives for path searching, and
> what I plan for next weekend is to try to build all and build
> the libs into dvgt and (maybe) dvi2xx. Probably however it won't
> be in a distributable state on Monday which is the first time,
> I could upload anything.
> So much from my side.
> Nils

I have already got xdvik, dvipsk, dvgt, eps compiled for linux. I am to
try dvi2xx (but I can't test it.)  The font path searching is
standardised only for xdvik and dvipsk (and use standard TeX path search
algorithm using standard kpathsea library), and it involves quite a bit 
of work to apply it to other drivers.   

We are also considering porting xdvi for linux console driver. 
We found that it is quite feasible.  However it will take time since my
friend who is working on it has some exams in coming week so it would be
hopefully ready in 2-3 weeks. (IMHO, dvgt is not having good keyboard 
interface, and the screen output is  bit too "raw".)

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