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Re: debian-0.90: a few comments

Ian A Murdock writes:

> Could you mail me a patch (or provide a pointer)?  I have no interest
> in just binaries.  There will be a source distribution one of these
> days...

I just used H. J. Liu's patch from tsx-11.mit.edu in GCC/patches.  Let
me know if you need more info.  BTW, shouldn't elvprsv be in
/usr/sbin?  This is definitely not a program used by anyone else
other than root, and it is only used at boot time.

> > 
> > 7.  There are a couple of other minor problems.  I see the message
> > `init: unknown option ro' while booting.  What's the problem with
> > init?  I think the syslogd is also broken.  I get messages like
> > 
> > `syslogd: loose cannon' (?!)
> > 
> > and then:
> > 
> > `syslogd: last message repeated 24345767 times'
> > 
> > in /var/adm/messages.
> > 
> Did you boot the system with a kernel that supports TCP/IP (i.e., the
> kernel in the base)?  The kernel on the bootdisk does not support this
> for disk space reasons.  If that's what you're using to boot the system
> that may be your problem.

I am using tcp/ip very happily, with 0.99.15.  So the problem has to
be elsewhere.  Any idea about the message from init?

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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