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Re: Haven't we all been quiet

> > bootdisk died.... I pulled the image from sunsite a couple of times but 
> > no luck...  it just stops with lilo:
> > Any clues any suggestions any revisions....
> Might be a problem with the lilo setup - I had a similar problem but knew wha
> I was doing enough to grok the problem and sort it out meself. I've emailed
> Ian concerning this and hopefully he'll put out a bootdisk that will boot...

This is weird, I pulled off the image from sunsite not 3 days ago, and
it booted just fine...  My setup is:	486sx 25MHz (DELL 486P/25)
					8 Megs 80ns RAM
					Booted off 1.44Meg A: drive
Perhaps it is the RAM?


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