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Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

>If they go to /var, then I don't see why they should at all end up in
>local, they might as well be moved to /usr/lib/texmf/fonts.  But
>hopefully it won't matter, as I hope you will set the default paths
>for the fonts so that all the programs will know where to find them.

 If there stuck on /var then there not usable over a network, and each machine 
on a network would have to have a seperate copy of the fonts, so they need 
moving to /usr/local so all machines can see them. Additionally it is recomended 
that /usr/local be a seperate partition so that from time to time, when a 
clearout is required, you don't have to re-install everything on /usr/local. I 
for one do not particularly want to be regenerating my fonts all the time.

>I already have (and have always done so).  I don't want to have an
>argument with you.  I only posted because I thought your proposed
>installation could do with a little discussion.

It was last autumn, and slightly modified be me to follow the TUG proposal.


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