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slip under debian


Has anyone tried slip with the debian distribution?  I'm thinking of
installing debian as soon as .92 comes out if I can use slip, uucp,
mail, ftp, etc...  Even better would be an ethernet - oriented
package so I could use debian at school too. :)

Also, how will debian react to adding/removing software without going
though the debian package install scripts?  I usually upgrade to
the newest fvwm, libc, and gcc as they come out. (I'm working on 
wine and I like to make sure it works with the newest utilties).
In other words, will the install scripts crap out on me if they
notice that fvwm isn't the one that it installed?

How are the debian setup scripts as compared to slackware?  
I know of at least 3 people here waiting for .92 to come out so they
can upgrade from slackware 1.1.1 to debian.


John Richardson          "When everything else fails... so will the duct tape.
jrichard@cs.uml.edu       But have it along anyway."  -- David Goodman

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