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On Things...


First, just a couple of suggestions to the development group:

    (1) It would be nice if the "config" (Timezone, modem port,
	mouse type, etc.) part of dinstall could be run from 
	the menu itself.  (maybe I missed this, if so, sorry)

    (2) If the answers to the "config" part were provided much like
	the package selection is specified by a screen oriented program.  

    My reasons have to do with the fact that I've been too lazy to
    label my cheapo PCs ports so I can keep track of which is serial
    port 0 and serial port 1, and I always seem forget to write them
    down before I delete the config files that tell me 8^). 

Second, comments regarding /dev/mouse, etc:

    I feel the pain of those that want /dev/mouse, etc.  My
    suggestions stated above are a direct result of that pain.  I'm
    treating debian like a real package -- I don't really want to
    muck around a whole lot, so I just re-install when I mess up. 
    As such I had no other recourse but to re-install when I
    reversed my mouse and modem ports.  I didn't know what was being
    configured by the script.  I could have looked into it, but
    I didn't want to spend the time.  This could be a real
    problem for someone who didn't have the skillset needed to
    discover what really needed changing.  

    We're trying to make a "commercial quality" distribution. If
    that is our goal, it seems that provide a configuration menu
    selection for dinstall seems to allow us to handle this in an
    appropriately "commercial" manner.

[BTW: the list server say's that I'm uunet!uswnvg.  That's wrong and I'm
hoping bruce will correct it per both my and my postmaster's mail]

Just my $0.02.
Steve Starck				sstarck@uswnvg.com
Sr. Systems Administrator		
U S WEST NewVector Group, Inc.

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