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Reply and some other questions for the list.

> 	I cant get all icelandic chars. on the console.
> 	Some programs don't work with 8bit chars (emacs,elm,talk..)
> 	Programs that support iso-latin like (Lynx,Gopher) don't.
> 	I have a keymap (ice-latin.map) that seems to work.

This could be due to one of a number of problems. You need to make sure
firstly that the kernel font mapping is correct - grab kbd-0.84.tar.gz
(or later) and check the mapscrn(1) and setfont(1) utilities. You probably
also want to take note of the keyboard/console FAQ (in the same package):

>4. How to make other programs work with non-ASCII chars
>A. In emacs, put lines
>        (standard-display-european t)
>        (set-input-mode nil nil 1)
>and perhaps also
>        (load-file "iso-insert.el")
>but perhaps not
>        (define-key global-map "\C-." 8859-1-map)
>into your $HOME/.emacs.
>B. For less, put
>        LESSCHARSET=latin1
>in the environment.
>C. For ls, give the option -N. (Probably you want to make an alias.)

(please bear with me, I'm no Emacs or foreign charset expert).

Ian, I assume 0.92 will have the 0.84 version of the keyboard utilities,
and the related console font definition files? Where should they go? In
/etc/consolefonts or something?

On another matter entirely, what are your feelings about changing the
"default" file ownerships? I'd *really* like to see the majority of
the files owned by bin.bin (or something like that), rather than by
root, as it helps to make suid/sgid programs stand out. Is it too much
of a hassle to change at this stage? Do you have reasons for not doing
so? Am I stupid? - don't answer that <grin>

Oh yeah - one last point. The kermit binary supplied with 0.91 has no
RTS/CTS flow control option. Should I be grabbing the source and hacking
it in (again), or is someone else "responsible"?

pat -- empty space is wasted space.

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