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Debian-0.91: first impressions

First thing: *real* nice job on the distribution.  I was real impressed
the first time I installed it and still raved when I installed the 2nd
copy.  Just a few things I noticed:

* "syslogd: loose cannon" and eating CPU like it's free

* rwhod doesn't work correctly, since LOGIN processes appear in the
  list and the ENDIANess isn't correct (weird values).  What sources
  was used for this?

* dpkg has a small typo in package menu: (b)ack to cateogory menu
* rows and columns (from stty -a; when telnet'ing in) are set to 0.
  Where do one set them?

Other than this (and probably a few other I forgot), it's a great
distribution.  I was a bit worried in the beginning when I couldn't
find any Debian documentation, but installed it without a hitch (ok,
ok, I did install Linux before).

That's all folks,
-- pi

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