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Re: /usr/include/{linux, asm}

Well, mine were set up correctly.  Hmmm.

>Since I'm close to the subject, I'll ask a question.  The 0.99pl15
>kernel I'm building is from the sources archived in the pl15 tar
>file on tsx-11.  My co-worker says he needs a pl15e or later kernel,
>but I see no pl15aa,b,c,d,e,... patch files.  Can someone point me
>towards the patch files needed to update the pl15 kernel sources?

I like central michigan's site.  It's very up-to-date, and fast for me,
since I am so close.  It keeps most patches and complete sources for
recent kernels.  For instance, I think all pl15 stuff is still there (I
can't remember for sure, even though I was just there today).

Mike D.
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