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Re: A few questions for everyone

> I think it's very important NOW to follow the ALPHA patches to the
> kernel.  As Linus says, pl15 is frozen with respect to new enhancements,
> just bug fixes now, and we want those.  I know that pl15b works better
> on my machine than the standard pl15.
> --erik

pl15b has a new bug in the ex2fs code, which was introduced when 
trying to fix a goal out of bounds warning message. This is fixed in
pl15c. Probably we better go to pl15c if nothing bad happens in the
next few days. pl15 is not more stable than the late pl14 or the new
pl15 alphas so it is probably best to follow the alpha route but 
better after waiting a few days if something bad shows up.
I am now running pl15c. in the few hours that it is running it has 
not shown any bad behaviour. 

And I just managed for the first time to create a kernel with mitsumi
cdrom driver which does not screw up the complete local net. The 
default IO address 300 of this driver goes straight to the network
card on my computer. And one misbehaving network card is enough to 
bring down a complete local net. 

Andreas Helke 

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