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The Debian Linux Association

Last updated: Mon Feb 14 23:46:20 EST 1994

The Debian Linux Association (DLA) is an organization that has been
formed to serve as the official maintainer and central supporter of
Debian.  Please note that the DLA, while legally a business entity(1),
does not exist for profit's sake.  Our primary objective is to advance
the cause of free software by making a system based entirely upon free
software available to everyone who wants it and by further developing
and improving it.  (Please see the Debian Manifesto for more details.)

  (1) As soon as we have the funds to do so we plan on incorporating.
  The possibility of incorporating as a non-profit organization is
  also being considered, but this may or may not even be a realistic

Please note that the DLA is still in the process of formation.  This
file will be edited and extended as soon as the organization reaches
a more stable state.  Some of our primary objectives are:

   * To maintain a staff that will continue to develop and improve
   * To develop new software for GNU or Linux and/or to help make
     improvements to existing GNU and Linux software
   * To distribute the Debian system, manuals and the like and to
     assist other organizations in such activities
   * To provide end-user support and to assist other organizations in
     such activities
   * To engage in other distribution and service activities, such as
     marketing pre-installed and configured Debian `workstations'  
   * To provide public services, such as distribution of information by
     request (i.e., "Please mail me via Postal mail a list of FTP sites
     on which Debian is available.")
   * To manage the Debian project and to keep it organized     

Please note that these are somewhat vague objectives.  We hope to
clarify and expand upon them as soon as we know to what extent our
resources will allow them to be realized.


With the release of 0.92 and a public release rapidly approaching, we
are finally attempting to get the DLA off the ground.  Our goal is to
be "fully operational" by the time a Debian announcement is posted to
c.o.l.a, but we are extremely low on funds at present and can do
nothing until we have raised some money.  As the DLA will be primarily
a development organization and not a commercial distributor of Debian,
we will be depending on outside funding to exist and operate.

This is a call for donations to help us get the DLA off the ground.

* What do we need?

We need money.  This money will initially be used to pay administrative
and startup costs and to establish a pool of funds that will be
available once the DLA is operational.  We will need money in the
future to pay a staff of full-time developers, to purchase any needed
equipment or services and to provide certain services to the public
for free.

We need equipment.  We need a small network of machines and networking
equipment.  We want Debian to be an excellent networking system, which
is impossible to develop without a network.  In general, any additional
hardware that we have access to allows us to best support that hardware
in the system.  The best way to ensure that certain hardware is supported
well in Debian is to donate it to the DLA (or to donate money so that we
may purchase the hardware).

We need dedicated volunteers.  Please contact us if you have the time
and the experience to help us out in either the operation of the DLA
or the development of Debian.

We also need a direct connection to the Internet (I am connected to
the Internet -- almost literally -- by a piece of string and two paper
cups), and we need more full-time developers if I am to keep my
sanity. :)

In short, we need quite a bit.  If you can help out in any way, please
contact us (see below).

* How can you help?

Please consider making a small donation.  If everyone using Debian
were to donate some small amount of money (for example, US$10-20),
we would easily have enough to get the DLA off the ground.  With this
in mind, please send any small donations to:

		     The Debian Linux Association
			      Station 11
			    P.O. Box 3121
		      West Lafayette, IN  47906

Make checks payable to `The Debian Linux Association'.  Please include
your Postal and email address(es) so that we know how to contact you in
the future.

Of course, large donations and donations of equipment will be most
appreciated.  If you have hardware that you'd like to donate, please
contact me (Ian Murdock) first, especially if the hardware is large.

Please be aware that donations to the DLA may be tax-deductible soon.
This is for information's sake only; we don't want anyone to be
surprised if this becomes the case.  We will let everyone know if and
when we reach this stage.

Questions regarding donations may be directed to me, Ian Murdock,
at <imurdock@shell.portal.com>.


Ian Murdock <imurdock@shell.portal.com>
The Debian Linux Association

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