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Re: Ispell (answer and plea)

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu> writes:
In article <[🔎] 9402140333.AA19719@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu> quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu (Daniel Quinlan) writes:

    Daniel> James A. Robinson <jimr@simons-rock.edu> writes:

    >> If somebody tells me where it (International version) is, I am
    >> willing to at least try and take it over.  I gotta warn that I
    >> am busy, and not that great a Linux hacker. :)

    Daniel> It shouldn't take much effort.  It compiles practically
    Daniel> out of the box.  Assembling dictionaries with the effort
    Daniel> of Kristoffer might be more difficult.  We'll have a tough
    Daniel> time replacing him as a contributor, I'm certain.

    Daniel> ftp.3com.com:/mirrors/ispell/ispell-3.1.00.tar.gz

    Daniel> I'm sure there are others, but I'm not taking the time to
    Daniel> look.  There also might be a patch out already, I think.

    Daniel> Ian,

    Daniel> I would seriously consider asking Neal Becker
    Daniel> <neal@ctd.comsat.com> who has already prebuilt ispell-3.1
    Daniel> to see if he is willing to join in with Debian.  His
    Daniel> prebuilt binaries (plus a diff from the source) is
    Daniel> available on ftp.ctd.comsat.com:/pub.

Sure.  What can I do to help?

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