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Re: A few questions for everyone

Your message dated: Sun, 13 Feb 94 11:54:00 PST
>I'm in the (fairly) final stages of preparing 0.92, and I have a few
>questions for everyone.
>Should I be grabbing and applying the ALPHA kernel patches as they are
>released?  Right now I'm using the released 0.99.15 kernel.
i vote for non-alpha kernels

>Many of you may have noticed that GNU finger was replaced in 0.90 and
>0.91 with the old BSD finger.  I'm trying to get it to work again, as
>I want to include it very much.  fingerd crashes randomly and without
>(apparent) reason.  Has anyone on the list managed to fix whatever is
>wrong with it?
A friend of mine had problems compiling it on a next, he mentioned
it tried to free memory when it may not own it..
Ill see if he has the diffs..


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