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TeX for Debain, can you help!!

Dear Jonathan,

 > I downloaded web2c-6.1 last night, however I have run into a major
 > problem compiling it. Here's the bit that make is echoing to the
 > screen when it gives up.

 > web2c.h:59: macro `alloca' used without args
 > extern void *alloca();

 > Myself I cannot see anything wrong with it, but until I can get
 > this to compile there will be no TeX. (dvipsk and xdvik compile
 > alright). Will upgrading to a more recent version of Debian fix the
 > problem (I'am still using a pre 0.80 version, as I spend most of my
 > time working on TeX rather than testing out the latest release).
 > There was no problem with version 5.815d, but I foolishly deleted
 > this from my disk.

Upgrade!  Karl Berry is a GNU person so it is *unlikely* that he has
made a blunder this fundamental in the use of GNU CC!  It must be
something that has changed in the C library since your version.  In
fact you *must* upgrade because Ian (rightly) *requires* all
contributed packages to have been compiled on the newest gcc+library.

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