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A few _important_ notes

Well, this is going to be somewhat long, but please read through it
all.  In fact, the only reason it is going to be long, is because I
don't want to post several small messages.  Thus, this nice, efficient
post ... that you should read.  :)

First of all.  I need to announce that the 'du' output I promised is
going to be on sunsite this evening.  It will be in the Incoming
directory at first, but it may be moved sometime soon.  You probably
figured that.  Anyway, I removed the /proc, /home, /root, /tmp, and
other directory entries that would most likely cause you more grief
than good.

Secondly.  Ian and I have already started on a version of dpkg in C.
We will be creating it with modularity in mind for many reasons - not
the least of which is so that volunteers can develop certain functions
on their own, mail them to Ian, etc.  In fact, I will go ahead and
mention that we will need volunteers for certain parts.  We are not
sure which parts yet, but there will be some.  :)  For the most part,
all functions will reside in their own file.  A little drastic?

Ok.  I would like everyone to know that I will be keeping a close
relationship with the volunteers and coordinators of the individual
packages of Debian.  I know that there are people working on some
things already.  There are a few categories lacking, however.  We
would like to see someone put together an INN package, a UUCP package,
and now we will need to hear from the people working on TeX
personally.  It will probably be a good idea to more centralize the
efforts on it.

I may have already mentioned: I will be making frequent posts
concerning the state of Debian.  That way people are in the know.  It
wasn't in the plans for people to have been left out of the picture,
but until recently, there just has not been the time. 

Ok.  I think that is all for now.

Mike L. Dickey
*----------------------- Use Debian Linux! ----------------------*
| Mike D.                            Hicks Undergraduate Library |
| mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu    Computer Support/Technician |
*__________ Purdue University Computer Science Student __________*

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