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Debian .91

A couple things I've noted about Debian .91

1) backspace character doesn't work on virtual console terminals when you
   enter your login name, but works if you fail the password and type something
   at the login: prompt again. perhaps something to do with a transition between
   raw and cooked mode?
2) when users break connection with the system, the processes they run don't
   automatically get nuked. this leaves it up to me to decide what to kill off.
   I have the default shell set to TCSH if that means anything.
3) The ghostscript (x and no-x) both report:
   "can't find library libvga.so.1"
   now I -believe- I've installed all the Debian .91 packages...
4) are the permissions set correctly for the /sbin programs? As it is, users
   can run fdisk and so on...


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