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Re: On links and things

> Therefore, I am willing to make the first donation for equipment
> expenses to <whatever the Debian organization is named these days>.  I
> suggest that my humble donation of $50(US) (which will be in the mail
> tomorrow) be used towards the purchase of a 14.4k modem to speed the
> pace of Debian development.  It is money well spent.  I know it will
> come back to me in one form or another.

Your offer is very kind.  I doubt you have any more money than I do.

In any case, my talk with RMS was pleasant.  He thinks the idea of the
Debian Linux Association has merit, and has offered to help us collect
tax-deductable donations through the FSF.  More on that later; after
Mike and I open a PO Box tomorrow we're going to announce the existence
of <whatever the Debian organization is named these days>.



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